And he marveled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages teaching. Mark 6:6


I have been training hypnotists for more than two decades. Spent hundreds of hours attending trainings. What I learned is that quality training goes beyond dispersing information. All training of every kind, must deliver skill, not just knowledge.

My trainings emphasize the four required phases of learning...

  1. Understanding — The information presented must be understood. What it is, what it isn't. Why it's necessary.

  2. Assimilation — How all the parts and pieces function. How it's used to achieve its purpose.

  3. Integration — A hypnosis session has many parts; inductions, suggestions, realizations, phenomena, etc. How all parts work together and the sequence used to get the desired result.

  4. Application — Doing it. Experience. The first step on the road to developing skill.

Any training that neglects these essential four phases of learning is flawed. Without them, training is reduced to conceptual opinion or organized conversation.

The most important factor of all training is the intention of the student. Many students in our profession approach training as an opportunity for a social event. Mix, mingle, laugh and jockey for alpha student position. This type of behavior reduces and presents an obstacle to the learning process for all involved.

The best students are attending to gain skill. Not impress other students or the instructor. They ask relevant questions about the subject matter being presented. They don't tell stories about personal experience for the purpose of self-aggrandizement.

The art of teaching is the science of personal transformation. Real teaching goes beyond the ordinary sharing of knowledge. It inspires. Reduces self-limiting attitudes. Creates confidence and desire to succeed.

It changes the way the student perceives his skills and ignites a desire to deliver his client or patients the very best results humanly possible.

When a student arrives at the conclusion being a professional hypnotist is not about advancing a personal agenda, but about the care, understanding and service we offer humanity, then and only then, can I say I've done my job as a trainer.