Professional Hypnosis Certification

This hypnosis training is unlike any other hypnosis training offered today.

This hypnosis training is unlike any other hypnosis training offered today.

Now you can get exceptional hypnosis training designed specifically to deliver your client real and sustainable results.

You are given an exact system proven effective in numerous successful clinics nationwide for the last 25 years.

A system proven to generate documented client results. Learn how to use hypnosis to help people help themselves and the benefits are numerous.


Not Just Training… A Proven System

Referrals, in-demand services, speaking and performing opportunities. But most importantly, you learn master level skills in all aspects of professional hypnosis. From history to business concerns, ethics to advanced critical thinking skills.

It's unlike any other hypnosis training available.

Hypnosis Connection's professional hypnosis training goes far beyond the classroom lecture, emphasis on theory, totally void of real world applicable skills training that's so common today.


Duplicate the Success of Hypnosis Connection

Read what other's say about our professional hypnosis training. We teach the same model we use everyday at our own clinic—perfected over 30 years. You learn what works and how to maximize your skills. You are encouraged to copy our system and reap its many benefits.

HC training is comprehensive. All parts are related. Giving you more flexibility in helping your client achieve results. But don't take our word for it. Here's what others have to say.

“I smoked two packs of cigarettes per day for 26 years. I am now a smoke free person. My husband is on the weight loss program and has lost at least 100 pounds. I recommend these programs.”
— Elizabeth Kopp
“I lost 30 lbs. Dropping from size 11 to size 6 in just three months.”
— Saundra Dietz

This training covers everything

HC's Professional Hypnosis Training covers everything. You be the judge…

  • History of Hypnosis - From darkness to light.
  • Secrets of Hypnosis Revealed - Yes, there are real secrets.
  • Hypnosis & the Law - All states are different.
  • Hypnosis & Religion - Acceptance.
  • Hypno-ethics - Personal and professional.
  • Suggestion Structure - Learn the lost art of masters like McGill, Elman, Erickson, and more
  • Increasing Hypnotic Capacity - Expand your clients hypnotic experience through conditioning, realization, physical and emotional phenomena.
  • Hypno-drama - Influence perception to emphasize reality instead of pre-conceived ideas, false attitudes and negative confirmation bias.
  • Hypnotic Phenomena - You will learn too many to list here. ideomotor, sensory motor, catalepsy, analgesia, anesthesia, number block and more.
  • Hypnotic Inductions - Become proficient inducing hypnosis, trance management, safety precautions and a suggestion structure that offers your client every possibility of complete success.
  • Client Hand-outs - See the best in the business. Hand-outs developed to inform, educate and represent the real benefits of hypnosis.
  • Complete Hypnosis for Weight Loss Model Program - A session by session account of what to do and how to perform a weight loss program proven to offer success.
  • Complete Stop Smoking Program - How to take the most chronic smoker and transform him into a non-smoker in three hours or less.
  • Self-hypnosis - Learn how to do it, benefit from it and teach your clients the same method.
  • Stress Management - A necessary component of any hypnosis program. Learn strategies that work instantly, offering your clients much needed relief.
  • Free Screening - Learn how to perform a free screening that prepares your client for success and simultaneously explains his responsibilities in the process of change.
  • Phone Etiquette - Exact wordings of how to answer the phone and the most asked questions. These scripts dramatically reduce no-shows and transform a skeptical caller into an anxious future client.
  • Ads & TV Commercials - Cutting edge marketing documents, commercials and digital media like this web site.
  • Endorsements - Documented endorsements of client success's will set you apart from your competition.
  • Service Guarantee - We encourage the use of a service guarantee similar to the one offered by CHC. It's fair, reassures your client and demonstrates confidence in your skills.
  • Hypnosis Office Layout & Decor - The way your office is laid out, the pictures on the wall, where products are displayed, all influence client results and success.

The Professional Hypnotist Toolbox

That's only the beginning. You get Scott McFall's popular Professional Hypnotist Toolbox. One hundred fifty (150) jam packed pages filled with Scott's 25 years of secrets, insights, exact wordings, ad examples, scripts and his candid messages about the business of hypnosis. The book alone is worth the price of the entire training. But we're partial so read the foreword to Professional Hypnotist Toolbox written by the Dean of Stage Hypnosis, Ormond McGill.

“Every profession must have its box of tools. Hypnotism/hypnotherapy is no exception. Scott McFall’s book Professional Hypnotist Toolbox fills the bill in this valued text.

”This will be found a book of literal profitable value to the hypnotist. It speaks from the position of professional “know-how” to make a successful business both from the standpoint of service to clients and financial returns to oneself. After all, the practice of hypnosis — for whatever its purpose — is a business that calls for expertise.

”Scott McFall shares his expertise with the reader in this book in a thorough coverage of the subject presented in a most gracious manner. He provides the benefits of years of work and research in the field. It is a book providing valuable information ranging from the History of Hypnotism to the Business Side of Hypnotism i.e. presenting insights into the lives of hypnotists past and present, and details understanding of the art/science of hypnosis. It details hypnosis in relation to our current technological age.

”In summation, this book, via its title Professional Hypnotist Toolbox, tells exactly what it is.”
— Ormond McGill

But That's Not All…

Scott and Heather McFall want you to be prepared and enjoy every advantage you can possibly have. That's why they have included massive, valuable take-home information. Here's a brief list:


HA Shortcut Mind Maps

Learn the decision making matrix and increase conversions and improve results. Discover the complete client formula for maximum rapport, respect and cooperation. Time-tested structures and how to use them to enhance acceptance of suggestions. How to evaluate the importance of doctrine drivers to determine your client strategy for sustainable results. The seven deadly sins and what compels self-limiting, harmful behavior. The four basic needs all clients must possess before real success can be realized. Your HA Shortcut Mind Maps reveals a simple and easy to understand blueprint for sustainable client results and practitioner understanding.

Power Secrets of Sales Magic

Let's face facts. Hypnotists are not professional sales people. Most hate the word sales and find the process demeaning. Until now. Learn ethical sales strategies. Sell by educating, informing and comparing. Use integrity, flexibility, intuition, empathy and perspective to ignite buying desire. Understanding the client motivational profile of security, intellectual, membership, freedom to target buyers primary interest. Use this information and your clients sell themselves. It's so good the legendary Dotti Walters wrote the foreword. And if you don't know who she is, you REALLY need this training.


Total Hypnosis Marketing

Forty (40) plus, proven strategies to market your professional hypnosis practice. Seven (7) reasons why clients buy. Delivery system template to maximize income. How to promote and profit from hypnosis training and seminars. Corporate speaking for increased visibility, prestige and profit. Instant hypno-cash generators.

How to make your advertising responsive. Why ads fail. How to make your phone ring and what to say to assure attendance at appointment. Importance of disclaimers. Medical staff referrals. Why a free screening can increase sign-ups and improve client results. Cross marketing to double profit for every marketing dollar spent. How to get, document and profit from client endorsements.

Inside Secrets of Stage Hypnosis

The secrets of getting engagements and performing ethical stage shows by the preeminent expert on the subject, Scott McFall. Including: rules for quick and easy competence; show checklist; subject character profile; Scott's exclusive stage hypnosis system; how to make the audience love you; routine and sketch guaranteed to please; speed hypnosis; stage safety; free publicity; product sales; getting asked back; multiplying engagements; and more.

This is the most honest and comprehensive document on the subject of stage hypnosis since Ormond McGill's legendary book, Stage Hypnosis.But that's our opinion and we're partial, so you decide.


Mission Possible

Scott McFall, Brian Tracy and Stephen Covey reveal their concepts and principles of business and personal success. Candid and provocative. 1-2-3 examples of how to leap frog the competition and lead your field for maximum influence, sales and prestige.


Big Time Early Bird Bonuses

All of this is included in your tuition. No extra costs like most hypnosis training. Our fee covers everything.

Bonus #1


The first twenty (20) accepted students will receive 10 hours of recorded telephone conference calls with Scott McFall sharing his knowledge, skill and advice to MDs, PhDs, MSWs and 140 other successful hypnotists and health care professionals. This information is invaluable. Will prevent costly mistakes and take you by the hand and lead you down the road to success like only Scott can.

Bonus #2


Eight (8) CD weight loss program, proven effective with thousands of clients nationwide. Why reinvent the wheel? This is the program responsible for all the weight loss endorsements you see on this web site. 'Nuff said. CHC hypnosis works. Here's proof… you be the judge.

Bonus #3


Scott's stop smoking with hypnosis system. Three (3) CDs, exact wordings of the best stop smoking hypnosis system ever devised. It's innovative and uses Scott's ultra-realization linguistic perception-eering concepts that work like magic, even for hard core, reluctant smokers. Increase your success rate and referrals.

Bonus #4


Three (3) CD set for stress management. We use this module of instruction in every service we offer. Weight loss and smoking included. Eliminate the stressors creating the unwanted behavior and changing behavior becomes less daunting and formidable. A must for any hypnotist serious about improving client results.


How To Be An In-demand Master Hypnotist

The best way to be in-demand is to deliver the results your client wants, expects, deserves and pays for! Use documented results to generate physician referrals. Client results attract media coverage. Use client results to promote your services on the web, YouTube, Facebook and other social media. Get exceptional client results and enjoy the reputation of a skilled master hypnotist. Do these things, get clients results and your services will be in-demand.

Think about it. Delivering client results is the sole reason for any hypnotist's existence. It's our mission, objective, goal and purpose all wrapped up in one.

Here's reality. Your client is not paying for companionship, friendship, your wisdom or philosophy. He's paying to lose 30 pounds or quit a three pack a day smoking habit. How would you feel if you paid good money and came up empty handed? Exactly!

The entire CHC Professional Hypnosis Training is designed to provide you with master level skills that result in superior client success. Our training is real world training. Strategies, tactics, models, suggestion structure used daily at our offices in Fort Myers, Florida. Plus the member clinics of the Master Hypnotist Society.

“Scott McFall’s training is one of the best I have ever taken. It was well organized, fast paced, and very comprehensive. Scott delivered far more than any trainer I have ever been with. I would recommend this training to any hypnotist serious about being successful in this business.”
— Richard Neves, PhD, ABH President (Now Past)
”Scott delivered what he promised. The training was well delivered. The course content was the best I have ever attended. I will recommend it to everyone especially physicians who want to improve their patients lives.”
— David Amponsah, MD, Texas

Learn the Secrets of the Masters

  • Hypnotize virtually anyone in thirty seconds flat.
  • Use little known realization phenomena to double client results.
  • Instantly recognize your clients wants, desires and true motivations.
  • Apply Perception-eering to remove obstacles to success and self-sabotage.
  • Keeping your client fired up and anxious for each session.
  • Learn how to make post hypnotic suggestion stick like duct tape.
  • Discover the lost art of hypo-drama and how to use it to all but assure client success.
  • Apply essential words, questions, gestures, phrasing and voice tonality to build instant rapport and trust.
  • 3 proven ways to reduce or eliminate client resistance to change.
  • Eliminate the "I don't think I was hypnotized" objection with this simple skill.
  • Exact wordings of suggestions that have proven successful with thousands of weight losers, stop smoking and stress suffering clients.
  • Learn how to produce, package, market and sell your own products.
  • Use the HC system for marketing ancillary services like hypnosis stage shows, speaking engagements and corporate trainings.
  • How to market your hypnosis services for maximum return and community visibility.
”I have lost 80 pounds. I am more energetic, my knees and feet have stopped aching. I can hike five miles and not be tired.”
— Ken Allen
“I lost 43 lbs. total. It was fast, easy and fun. Yes, it works.”
— Deb Wayman
”I tried to quit several times by myself. With hypnosis it has been extremely easy. I don’t crave a cigarette at all.”
— Jayson Cronneberg
”I quit smoking after my first session. I don’t crave cigarettes at all.”
— Val Jones

Master Your Own Mind

Your training as a professional hypnotist includes an introduction to Perception-eering, how to think critically. How to think about what you think. You gain the skill of evaluating the accuracy of the information your brain processes.

You learn how to recognize misinformation leading to false attitudes and beliefs created by fabricated perceptions.

Thinking critically is the most valuable skill humans possess. What we think is who we become. Our decisions, behavior, beliefs, attitudes, values are a result of our perceptions.

Change your perception and change your life. Change your clients perceptions and change his life. And that's what a Master Hypnotist does. We help people help themselves. What could be more noble intent?

Master waking suggestions. Modern day practitioners call it conversational hypnosis or NLP. Both are incorrect. Waking suggestion can influence human change before you have met or even spoken to your client. HC reveals our method of pre-trance waking suggestion.


The Hypnosis Connection Model

Hypnosis is for everyone. We teach what Jesus taught. How to use parables, metaphors and stories to bring about positive change to our clients lives.

You will become proficient at using the principles and concepts Jesus used to change the disciples view of the world and their responsibilities and position in it.

You learn the HC business model which has been refined over a 25 year period operating numerous successful clinics and consulting for hundreds more.

HC training is possibly the most comprehensive and detailed hypnosis training available today. Our student library is extensive and all conclusive, offering everything you could possibly want to know about the art and science of hypnosis.


Your Time With an Expert

You graduate HC Professional Hypnosis Training with applicable, profitable skill, not just knowledge.

But what's more important, you are trained and tutored by real experts in the field of hypnosis.

Scott and Heather McFall bring a combined 50 plus years experience to your training. They are a dynamic team committed to your excellence as a hypnotist and the exceptional client results you will deliver using their proven, time-tested methods.

Each student will receive an abundance of personalized one on one attention. Private time is built into the course so you don't just reach your potential, but surpass it.


Unique, Different, Provocative & Irresistible

Unlike the majority of hypnosis training available, HC is NOT a succession of one lecture after another.

Students are required to participate, demonstrate, perform and prove they have mastered the skills taught.

Our simplified system for client success shows you how to induce and manage the hypnotic trance. Structuring suggestions your clients can't resist. Plus a complete education in all aspects of the business of hypnosis. What works, what doesn't and why, from expert practitioners who are doing it today.

“I got more useful information from this program in 4 days than I got from another program that was 54 days long. If you want to succeed in hypnosis, this program is the best. He combines technical knowledge, ethics, and a plan for success for both the clients and the practitioner.”
— Dr. David Eskelin, Dm, Washington
“After countless seminars, I can sincerely and absolutely quote that this was the most informative, fun, exciting, creative and productive seminar ever. I can’t wait to put it all to use. Scott, you are a genius! I would have paid triple for this seminar.”
— Andre McCole, Hypnotist, Oregon

Hypnosis Association Certificate of Certification

Upon successful completion of training, you receive a large, attractive, professional certification suitable for framing. Signed by Scott and Heather. An unimpeachable stamp of competency, skill and professionalism.


Call, Apply & Qualify

Frankly, our training may not be right for you. It's four full days of intensive study, training and practice. It's not a social event where bonding with other students is a top priority. But a genuine opportunity to elevate your skills to master level so you can dramatically improve your client results.

For people considering the profession of hypnosis as a career, HC training will provide you with the knowledge, skill and background to make an intelligent, informed decision about pursuing hypnosis as a career.

All applicants for HC Professional Hypnosis Training are required to participate in a free screening.


Free Needs Assessment

HC's free screening's purpose is to make sure our training is right for you. Define your responsibilities as a student. Answer any questions you may have. Training is available several times per year in small groups and also in private. You will be provided with all educational materials needed to realize the most benefits from your training.

Call (239) 322-4586 now to schedule your screening.