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Professional Hypnosis Training

The word 'professional' means competency, skill and ethical intent. This is what Hypnosis Connection's Professional Hypnosis Training offers every student.


To be competent you must be exposed to, and understand, the information and knowledge about all aspects of the art and science of hypnosis. Hypnosis Connection's curriculum is comprehensive, our library extensive, our personalization and individual coaching unsurpassed. You are encouraged and given every opportunity to transform mere competency into mastery of skill.


Skill is the result of knowledge put into action. Practice. Doing it. Not just listening to lectures and taking copious notes. But actually demonstrating knowledge, internalizing critique and improving.

Skill will set you apart from all other hypnotists as each skill level is different. Each client approach is as unique as the client himself. Client results and achievement are the only justifiable reasons for a hypnotist's existence—to improve the lives of those we serve.

Ethical Intent

You cannot be professional without ethical intent. A desire to do what's right all the time. The ability to serve your client in the best possible way. To never be satisfied with your skills, but always searching to improve. To put aside your ego so you may build the ego of a client in need.

This is what makes a professional hypnotist and sets you apart from the crowd. Embrace these three essential components of professionalism and your success is insured. Success will seek you out because of your rarity and dedication to serve your client.

Are you willing to offer your time, energy and resources for the purpose of helping people help themselves? If so, you have found the right training source at Hypnosis Connection.

It's innovative, detailed and unlocks the secrets to what is known today as conversational hypnosis.

Presented by the expert artistry of Scott McFall and Heather McFall who have combined their more than 50 years experience to offer you crystal clear, easy to understand, simple to implement professional hypnosis training.

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If you have any questions or need clarification, you are invited to call (239) 322-4586. All students are screened before acceptance into training to assure an exceptional training experience for each student attending.


"In the two years I've been with Scott McFall, I have made over $350,000."
Tim Shurr, Shurr Success
Indianapolis, IN

"Scott mentored me and I have grossed over $2 million with his support."
Jeff Martin
Lincoln Hypnosis
Lincoln, NE


"I can't believe how much I learned, and it was fun. Any one day of this seminar is worth the entire cost."
Mary E. Holmes
Los Angeles, CA

"I have taken hypnosis seminars for 11 years and yours is by far the best."
Dr. John Zilliox
New York, NY


"This is a must for all therapists, put life into perspective. I would recommend it for anyone."
Martha Barham
Licensed Psychologist

"The best seminar I've attended for any subject matter. It was an informative, fun and growing experience."
Mark M. Tracey
Irvine, CA