Hypnotic childbirth allows the mother a more active role in the birthing process.

Hypnotic Childbirth

Alternative to drug induced anesthesia

The Lamaze method of childbirth is a disguised hypnosis method. The principles are very similar. Ocular focus, breathing exercises, suggestive coaching and more. However, the real difference between Lamaze and hypnosis is significant.

Hypnotic childbirth prepares the mother to use self-hypnosis during the birthing process. She learns how to focus, reduce pain and follow the physician's instructions.

She can opt for traditional anesthesia at any time, though not common.

Hypnotic childbirth is a simple matter of practice and preparation. One hundred percent (100%) natural.

There's a big misconception that hypnosis might be anti-Christian. But it's not true! Pope Pius XII, addressing an audience of cardinals and physicians, stated in 1956, "Hypnosis allows the mother a more active role in the birthing process."

Hypnosis Connection offers hypnotic childbirth privately and in group classes. Please call for availability and a free no-obligation screening. If accepted, you will receive top priority status for your scheduling requirements. Your physician's approval is required.

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