Satanic Ego


For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 
Matthew 16:26

I have known no greater torment than my own ego. Like a great hungry beast who must be fed. And the more it's fed, the hungrier it becomes until it consumes all assemblance of human decency.

The need to be important, special, held in high esteem is a normal human emotion. Until it becomes your sole reason for existence. Adoration, to be adored and admired, is a deadly drug that blinds you to your real purpose of existence.

These things are true because I have experienced them. Fame brought me fortune, but it was never enough. I searched for myself in alcohol, three failed marriages, poor health and self-contempt.

My life has changed because I let all these things pass. My self-indulgence caused immense pain, not satisfaction. My constant need to express my ego took me to the brink of death itself.

The hypnosis profession has far too many egos. I was one myself and know many who continue to suffer its crippling effects.

Self-proclaimed gurus who have clients so they can feel good about themselves, instead of dedicating themselves to making clients feel good about themselves.

Those that evaluate their worth based on dollars rather than lives improved.

How can any hypnotist seek personal fulfillment at the expense of his skill in delivering the needs of his clients? It can't be done. Ego won't allow it. Ego demands you take credit for the change and results gotten by your client's labors.