Essential sales tools you can profit from for a lifetime.

Essential sales tools you can profit from for a lifetime.

Close More Sales With Hypnotic Selling Skills

Selling has changed. Today the best sales strategy is to educate your customer.

The human brain cannot hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Occupy your customer's brain with new information and reduce doubt, skepticism and fear of buying.

Use the same persuasive structure hypnotists use to help people stop smoking, lose weight and eliminate stress.

Think about it. Hypnotists convince clients they no longer want or need a lifetime habit.

No, you won't be inducing hypnosis in your customer. But you will be using hypnotic influence and persuasion. Here's how it works…

Hypnotic Selling

CUSTOMER PROFILE -- You are trained to recognize five primary customer types. Each with a specific reason why they buy. Each with different motivations to buy. The five groups are membership, competency, security, freedom, uniqueness. Each group is recognizable by dress, language, perception and personality.

INFORMATION PREFERENCE -- Every customer will tell you how he wants to be sold. Thethree types of information preferences are visual ("I see what you mean"), auditory ("I hear what you are saying"), kinesthetic ("I feel you're right"). Duplicate the customers information preference using the same words, expressions and phrases. Use the same voice tonality and inflections, and you gain instant rapport and trust. Expanding and intensifying your sales message because it's believed.

DECISION MAKING PROCESS -- All decisions are made because of two primary motivators to take action. The pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain. Your unique selling sequence leads your customer to the conclusion that your product or service will accomplish one or both of these tasks.

Close the Sale

Hypnotic selling offers you an arsenal of proven sales closing tools readily at your disposal.

  • Use "yes-sets" to influence your customer to say "Yes."
  • Discover little known essential words that ignite buying emotion.
  • Use comparatives to avoid objections.
  • How to give any product or service life.
  • Tell stories with embedded commands that build buying desire.
  • Influence the buying decision with dramatic metaphors and parables.

When your customer talks fast, you talk fast. If your customer says "ain't," you say "ain't." Model your customer. Become a mirror image of your customer.

Why? Because your customer's most important influence is himself. The more your customer sees herself in you, the more you will sell. FACT!

You learn how to define what your customer wants to do, be, save, gain or avoid. Then you focus on offering benefits of your product or service that fulfills your customers needs. It's simple to understand. Easy to do and it works!

Hypnotic Selling Rules For Closing The Sale

  1. Open Up—Tell the customer about yourself. Be human. Your customer will tune you out if he thinks you're just another salesperson chasing a commission. Most importantly, telling the customer about yourself obligates the customer to respond with information about himself.
  2. Genuine Interest—Encourage the customer to speak. After you have discussed who you are, where you're from, what you do, ask the customer about herself. What business she's in, family, pets, etc. Ask questions of every family member present at the sale.
  3. Value Alignment—Align values and develop a common bond with your customer. Continue to ask questions. Be sincere and get your customer comfortable answering questions.
  4. Rapport—You must like your customer before he can like you. If the customer likes you he will listen. When you educate instead of sell, your customer will believe you. When your customer believes you, he will buy.

Hypnotic selling transforms knowledge into practical, viable and profitable skill. Skills you will profit from for a lifetime.

Hypnotic selling is used by top level salespeople in all industries. Hypnotic selling has been labeled Power Selling, Neuro-linguistic Selling and Conversational Hypnosis. Regardless of the label, Hypnotic Selling is one of the most effective sales trainings available today.

Hypnotic communication is an accepted science. Used by law enforcement, the Armed Forces and every area of the healing arts and social sciences.

Now you have a genuine opportunity to put the persuasive principles of hypnotic selling to use in your career. Sell more with clarity, confidence, integrity and believability. Use hypnotic selling skills and when your customer says yes, he will think it was his decision arrived at with logic, common sense and intelligence. And it's the next best thing to being able to read your customer's mind.

Your Invitation To Improved Sales

You are invited to call for a free hypnotic selling screening. The powerful information must be used ethically and professionally to realize its full benefit.

The screening is for the purpose of discussing whether Hypnotic Selling is the right training for you. Call (239) 322-4586 and schedule your free screening today.


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