Unresolved stress can have negative results on your physical and mental health.


Hypnosis Connection's Stress Management Program

Stress of many varieties is an everyday occurrence in our fast paced, unforgiving and competitive society. Work, money, relationships, family and the economy are major stressors that influence mental and physical health. Here are the facts…

The American Psychological Association and American Institute of Stress released the following sobering statistics:

  • 77% of Americans report regularly experiencing physical symptoms caused by stress (sleeplessness, nervousness, etc.)
  • 73% regularly experience psychological symptoms of stress
  • 51% report fatigue due to stress
  • 44% say they suffer stress related headaches
  • 50% said they experience irritability or anger
  • 18-33 year olds experience the most stress

Stress management is one of, if not the most effective, of all hypnotic applications for two reasons...

  1. It's virtually impossible to suffer stress related symptoms while in a state of hypnosis.
  2. Hypnosis Connection's Stress Management program teaches self-hypnosis so you can de-stress anytime, anywhere, under most circumstances.

Toxic Poison

Stress is dangerous. Like a toxic poison. Unfortunately most people attempt to live with it. Eventually stress will take its toll on mental and physical health. And it's all avoidable.

If you feel your back is against the wall, not enough time, your schedule is rushed, worry and frustration cloud your mind...

The Hypnosis Connection Stress Management program teaches you how to handle pressure, deal with conflict and eliminate the panic of feeling overwhelmed.

You learn skills that allow you to transform stress fatigue into energy. Gain needed enthusiasm and perform at your very best every day.

Try our program and we guarantee your stress will be resolved the moment you are hypnotized, or your money back.

Don't delay, be stress free today. Call Hypnosis Connection to schedule your free screening or ask any question you may have (239) 322-4586. We accept only those we can truly help.

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