013: Satisfying Your Customers and Setting Expectations

How can you get more satisfied customers and raving fans of your product or service? Well that's easy: set their expectations with your marketing and advertising so that you deliver and over-deliver on what they actually expect.

Even if you were the best person for the job—in the world—customers that come in with unrealistic or overinflated expectations will not be satisfied and they'll go shopping somewhere else. Some of the biggest sources of discontent among customers are "surprise" charges.

Being clear (or as clear as you can) about your pricing is one huge way you can make customers into fans. Even if your service or product is expensive, people won't feel cheated when you're honest with them—big concept huh?

Another area that's important for the person who asked this question is setting expectations of the outcomes. For example: if customers expect to be "cured" with one visit to the chiropractor, they'll be sorely disappointed and they'll blame it on the chiropractor!

These are just a few of the things we'll get into today! Let's get it started.