010: How to Get Customers in 2017 Using Predictive, Strategic Messaging

Want more customers in 2017? There's a specific way you can craft your messaging to be ultra effective and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to start your planning.

Our question today is "How do I get more customers in the door in 2017?" The question comes from John Vurpillat who I personally know is doing great work.

We're going to address it in 2 ways. First the fundamentals of what brings customers in the door in the first place. And second, I'll get your gears spinning with the ways your customers are spending their year so you can optimize your advertising and marketing to match their behaviors. Should be a fun show!

(I want this show to be valuable for you. If something is challenging for you, it's a problem a lot of people are facing. Submit a question to the show here.)