006: Overcoming Fear of Advertising

Rely too heavily on word of mouth? Do you get results, but struggle to get clients?

We'll get into why it's so important to learn to advertise, why word of mouth isn't always your friend, and how being embarrassed actually led me into an excellent consulting relationship that changed my business in ways I didn't expect.

Great listener question from Tracy in today's episode:

My biggest challenge is definitely not having the belief in myself to advertise. I always shy away from social media (I am actually trying to master Facebook as I answer this) and there is a self-doubt that always holds me back. I have taken two of your courses, and many others. that When I leave said courses, I actually believe I can use the approaches taught to expand my business, but when I get home, it all disappears. I always seem to fall back into the same old routine. Word of mouth was always my biggest promotor, but five years ago, I moved regions and it has been very difficult not knowing anyone and finding new clients. My clients succeed when I work with them, however, I just struggle to get them.

We talk a lot about the foundations you need in advertising. I recommend How To Write A Good Advertisement by Victor Schwab to get the fundamentals.

How to Write a Good Advertisement, by Victor Schwab — This is an excellent book that teaches all about what goes into writing a great ad. You'll learn the basics, see examples, and really have a head start on doing this right.

100 Advertising Headlines and Why They Work — A list (also by Victor Schwab) of headlines and what's great about them. Check this out in conjunction with the book.

How to Finally Overcome Your Fear of Selling — Once you've listened to episode 005 on selling, this is another great resource to start thinking about what's going on with your fear of selling.