God's Perfect Gift


Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?
Job 12:9

When I decided to start the Christian Hypnosis Association and teach a systemized version of scriptural parables, stories and Biblical concepts in my hypnosis training, my colleagues thought I lost my mind.

The market is too secular, they said. You will scare away interested prospects. The Christian community will think you're trying to profit from Jesus' teachings.

My friend of many years accused me of having a Christ complex and need to be crucified. He said the media and health care profession would crawl out of the woodwork like hungry roaches and devour me whole.

All missed my point. The Christian Hypnosis Association and Hypnosis Connection do not attempt to convert, bend ears, seduce or convince anyone to accept my point of view as a Christian. That's not our purpose, that's not what we do or what we are about.

Our purpose, and sole reason to exist, is to improve client and patient results using hypnosis.

Christian Hypnosis

Jesus changed his disciples' thinking. Which resulted in a change of behavior. We as hypnotists have been attempting to do the same thing since the days of Mesmer.

None other than Dr. Milton Erickson, the most respected psychiatrist and hypnotist of all time, used, if not copied, the same methods used by Jesus to influence his patients thinking and improve their lives.

Christian Hypnosis is for everyone because it enhances client and patient understanding and results.

I don't teach my students to quote scripture, opposed to personalized suggestions. But I do teach many scriptures can be a straight line to improved client success when personalized with each individual client.

The methods, principles and concepts used by Jesus described in the Bible are valid, practical and useful to any hypnotist dedicated to improved client results.


To disregard this proven, time tested technology is paramount to ignoring the benefits of using perception-eering in our sessions.

What is perception-eering without parable, stories, congruency, anchoring, mirroring, modeling, pacing, reframing or what Jesus mastered, conversational hypnosis?

So I ask you, which book contains more examples of human change and improvement? Which book uses parables to more effect? Which book literally defined conversational hypnosis more than the Bible? In my humble, one-man's opinion, NONE.

So these are the reasons why Christian Hypnosis is for everyone. Not to learn how to walk on water or offer mankind salvation, but only to offer every client and patient who walks though our doors every possible opportunity for success.

When you change your thinking, you change who you are and your perceptions of the world you live in. That's what Jesus taught, what Erickson taught, and what the Christian Hypnosis Association and Christian Hypnosis Connection teaches.