Fun for the Whole Family

We've perfected a hypnosis stage show that leaves the whole family howling with laughter. We'll guide the participants through hilarious hypnosis while steering clear of cheap embarrassment — so anyone can feel comfortable volunteering to be on stage!

The people in the audience become the stars of the show as the adventure of hypnotism unfolds before their very eyes.

Comedy, mystery and a bit of learning about the human mind, the group discovers individual potential as the show captivates the room.

This show is sure to be a hit at your event. Scott has performed for groups as large as 10,000 people. Venues like the Norskhostfest where Scott was the opening act for Johnny Cash, have been huge hits. So you can count on the quality and versatility this show brings to the table.

Countless state fairs, colleges, clubs and corporations have laughed to this powerful feature. The North Dakota State Fair has benefited from four years of fun with this show.

The National Guild of Hypnotists hired Scott to be one of the hypnosis shows featured at their national convention.

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Professional Hypnosis Training

The GOD'S CHILD Project

Dear Scott,
Before your performance we heard several comments about people who were in the audience to see you perform. After the show, we shared in the laughter, positive feelings and inspiration of seeing such a happy audience. You made this possible.
As in past nights, roughly 95% of the attendees at The GOD'S CHILD Project "Nights of Comedy, Music & Magic" were courtesy admissions that had been distributed by area law enforcement youth bureaus, social service agencies and clergy. Our target audience was the lower-income, special-needs, higher-risk and single-parent children and families from our region. I think they particularly benefited from the laughter, wholesome entertainment, and magic that you provided on September 15 and 16.
Again, thank you, and our best wishes always,

Patrick Atkinson
Founder, Executive Director
The GOD'S CHILD Project