Disclosure statement of the Christian Hypnosis Association

Required in 1005.04 for students.

Our programs are religious training in the use of Biblical principles of Christianity and the blending of self -hypnosis, trance and the concepts of prayer. We utilize Neuro-linguistic principles, classic hypnosis and trance and the use of Christian Faith for self -development. This program is designed for professional in motivational professions of many categories. (Clergy, lay professionals, existing license track professionals, speakers, trainers)

Our offices and facilities are at the Atrium Building 8695 College Parkway Suite 2400, Fort Myers Fl. 33919. We have 3 offices and shared conference and meeting space within this professional building.

All students must have a high school diploma or the equivalent in order to start this program to insure the skills to complete the program.

Upon completion of our program you will receive a certificate of completion documenting your time and the subjects of the program.

This program has applied for religious exemption from license requirements of the state of Florida (it would state receipt of that exemption if it were granted here). This is a non- licensed program.  

We make no claims whatsoever regarding placement, market availability or salaries. This institution does not participate in financial aid programs.  

Upon cancelation of a program or if a student is unable to complete the program. The attendee is only responsible for the part of the program he or she has completed. The fee for the incomplete part of the program will be refunded upon request.

This program is not designed to do any test prep for licensure whatsoever.

The basic program fee $1700.00 

Advanced program fee $2,700.00

Credit hours or credits earned in this program do not transfer to other institutions in any way.