Public speaking topics tailor made to accomplish your group's most pressing needs and goals.

Public speaking topics tailor made to accomplish your group's most pressing needs and goals.


Public Speaking is the Art of Creating Passion and Compassion with a Specific Purpose

The art of public speaking is simple. Leave your audience inspired with new knowledge they will think about and benefit from for a lifetime.

I tailor every speech to the needs, goals and purpose of the event planner or group who engages my speaking services.

Your audience is the star, not me. Audience response to my message is the only grade that matters.

To achieve my goals as a speaker and trainer, I must first inspire the audience to achieve their goals.

I believe in a high content delivery using stories, parables, personal experiences mixed with tasteful humor, ending with a practical, informative and useful message of victory.

I have found this formula to be bullet proof in influencing audiences to do and be what my message intends.

I do not accept all speaking engagements offered. A prerequisite is a free consultation where the goals, purpose and desired content of my speech are discussed in detail. I also require information about the audience I will be speaking to like age, gender, profession and number attending.

This information allows me to engineer a presentation that will be satisfying, enjoyable and meaningful for all who attend.

Please call (239) 322-4586 for your free consultation. I also am available for non-profit charitable Christian events for expenses only.

— Scott McFall

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We appreciate the professionalism you exhibited and the outstanding showmanship of your show. We all wished the show could have gone on for another hour.

You were great to work with and I definitely appreciated the courteousness you showed by keeping in contact with me and making my night a little less stressful.
Thanks again,

Katie Harris
St. Luke's Tri-State Hospital GSO President

As a mental health clinician with years of experience I can tell you that Scott's ideas are a breath of fresh air. Rather than being focused on psychodynamics, popular psychological theory or some new approach to the same old ideas, Scott will offer you the opportunity to question some of the learning that you now hold dear.
If you are able to consider new ideas, you will learn to focus on the change process and the goals of the patient in a way that you may not have before.
Scott models the skills that he wants you to build and he can actually help you build new clinical skills as well as refining old ones in a way that will make your clinical work more intuitive, creative and effective.

Daniel Burow, Licensed Psychologist
Chief Clinical Officer
Deer Oaks Mental Health